Botulinum neurotoxin is widely used in the field of aesthetic dermatology. The substance is synthesized from a specific type of bacteria (Clostridium botulinum) and blocks the release of а neurotransmitter (Acetylcholine) from the nerve endings to the muscle fibers. The described ‘blockage’ leads to a temporary state of relaxation of specific muscle fibers. This will ‘smooth’ the mimic wrinkles, it will also stop the deepening of the wrinkles that are already present and prevent the appearing of new ones.


The use of Botox in aesthetic dermatology

Botox is used for:
– smoothing mimic wrinkles which helps remove the tired look of the face
– smoothing wrinkles in the forehead area, eyebrow area, wrinkles around the eyes (Crow’s feet), Bar Code lines in the upper lip area, wrinkles around the nose (Bunny smile)
– relaxing of the muscle fibers and ‘covering’ the gums of the upper lip is made for the so-called gummy smile (
excessive gingival display)
– relaxation of m.masseter (this is one of the chewing muscles and if it develops excessively it will lead to ‘a wide’ look of the lower third of the facial contour, which is caused by the prominence of the muscle in the mandibular angle area)
– correction of ‘Orange Peel’ skin in the chin area
– correction of neck wrinkles
– hyperhidrosis control (excessive sweating)

About the procedure and what to expect after it

Before the procedure there is a consultative examination on which the patient will be fully informed about the specifics of the procedure. The nature of the patient’s problem will be assessed together with the possible ways of treatment, expected results, possible side effects, behavior after the procedure. A follow-up consultation will also be made in order to check the results and make an additional correction if needed.
The procedure is relatively pain-free and entirely done by injections
(in the muscle fibers of the specific muscle). The depth of the injection, the single dose and the number of pricks depend on the treated area.

The patient should not lay down or massage the pricks in the first 3-4 hours after the procedure. During this period of time the patients are advised to periodically contract and relax the mimic muscles of the treated area. This will make the procedure more effective.
It is recommended that the patient should avoid alcohol the same day after the procedure. Places with high temperatures should also be avoided (saunas, steam baths, etc.) in the next few days (10-14 days). The effect is visible on the 4
th or 5th day of the manipulation. We recommend a follow-up check-up on the 2nd week of the procedure which aims to assess the effect and make an additional correction if needed. The effect lasts for about 6 months and with each procedure the period gets longer. We recommend injections not more than two times a year.

Side effects

red spots may appear in the injected area but they will subside in the next few days
– headache – rarely
– affecting adjacent muscles which results in eyelid ptosis, eyebrow ptosis

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