Mesotherapy for double chin

Double chin’ is formed with aging – it presents a layer of unaesthetic loose skin around your neck. The lower jaw contour disappears which gives the face a tired and loose look. In most cases the correction in the chin and lower jaw area – which aims to contour and lift – has to be combined with different types of products and procedures – mesotherapy, skinboosters and/or fillers, Botox, mesotherapy, laser and/or radiofrequency therapy.

Mesotherapy containing products which cause lipolysis ‘burning fat’ can be applied in the case of ‘double chin’ formed by accumulation of adipose tissue around the area. Our specialists work with the product Cellutrix RRS HA, which causes lipolysis and contains non-cross linked hyaluronic acid and bio-revitalizing solution.

About the treatment

The mesotherapy procedure which aims to correct the ‘double chin’ is a procedure which uses injections. Patients describe it as fast and pain-free. The number of recommended procedures is 4-6 spaced 1 – 2 weeks apart. After that it would be good to continue with 1-2 procedures a year so that the effect could be maintained.

The lipolysis with Allergan’s product – is fully aimed at correcting the ‘double chin’.
The choice of the product depends not only on the amount of adipose deposits and skin elasticity in the chin area but also on the patient’s expectations in the course of the procedures and the length between them.