Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP-therapy) and Plasmolifting (Vampire lifting)

The aging process is mainly caused by the disbalance between the rate of destruction and regeneration of the cells and collagen. The platelets are small cells which are the natural component of the human blood. The platelet cells play a key role in the process of cell regeneration and they contain many growth factors.

About the procedure

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a substance, containing platelets (thrombocytes), which is obtained after a specific processing of the blood. This substance is namely the basis of plasma therapy.

The patient’s own blood is used for the procedure and the equipment is sterile and individual for every patient. A small amount of blood is being taken (around 10ml.) in a test tube which is then processed by means of centrifuging. The platelets are isolated after being processed in the plasma fraction of the blood. This fraction is being injected in the surface layers of the skin and acts on the principle of mesotherapy. In this procedure the platelets will stimulate cell proliferation and the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

The use of PRP-therapy

  • Improves skin quality and corrects the fine wrinkles on the face, neck, chest and arms by means of naturally stimulating the regenerative processes of the skin
  • Treatment of the dark circles under the eyes which are the result of impaired microcirculation in both men and women. The growth factors in the injected substance will help the correction of the sags, fine wrinkles and dark circles in these areas
  • Treatment of hair loss and alopecia; optimizing the effect after the hair transplant procedure in the clinic – The PRP-therapy will stimulate not only hair growth of ‘resting’ hair follicles if there are any, but also the transferred hair follicles after FUE Hair Transplantation procedure
  • Treatment of acne scars, post-traumatic and post-operative scars as well as stretch marks

What to expect after the procedure

The effect is visible 2-3 weeks after the procedure. The recommended procedures for an optimal effect are 3 in 1 month. In order to maintain the result specialists recommend 1-2 procedures a year.

Possible side effects

  • Red spots and hematomas may appear in the injected areas just like in any other injection procedure, but they will subside in the next few days
  • A warm sensation is felt in the injected area due to the generated biostimulation. It should subside in the next 2-3 days otherwise contact the doctor who performed the procedure


  • Blood disorders and autoimmune diseases
  • Acute or systemic infection
  • In areas with skin lesions caused by pathological cell proliferation
  • Taking anticoagulants
  • Taking medicine that affects the platelet function